About Back to Nature Wellness Center

Since 1993, the Back To Nature Wellness Center has been providing Naturopathic Care to the people of greater Minnesota and the surrounding states.

The center was founded by Steven Fjerstad, a trained and Certified Traditional Naturopath. He was joined by his son in 2013, Steven Fjerstad II, who has certification in all the equipment and continues to practice in the same manner as his father did.

In memory of Steve Fjerstad, CTN

B. 10/22/1946 – D. 04/08/2020
Founder of Back To Nature Wellness Center.
He will always be remembered as a great, loving healer.

Steven Fjerstad, Certified Traditional NaturopathSteven Fjerstad, C.T.N.

Steven Fjerstad II, Licensed Massage TherapistSteven Fjerstad II, C.N.H.P.
Susan Fjerstad, Back To Nature Wellness Center Office ManagerSusan Fjerstad, Office Manager

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