Designed Clinical Nutrition

DESIGNED –  meaning it is specially prepared based on a specific plan.

CLINICAL –  meaning it is based on medical treatment, practice, observation, or diagnosis.

NUTRITION –  which means it is real food, designed by nature to enable the body to repair itself and grow healthfully.

Naturopathic Medicine is about total wellness and continued good health.  An appointment at the Back To Nature Wellness Center involves meeting with a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath who will engage you in a thorough conversation concerning your lifestyle, health history, overall wellness and any immediate health concerns.  The C.T.N. will use whatever techniques and instruments he feels would be helpful in determining the nature, source, and extent of any particular health problem.  Once all of the information is gathered and any necessary treatments have been administered, he will offer a specific supplement designed to address that particular problem and suggest a proper dosage based on a variety of contributing factors.

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