Steven Fjerstad, Certified Traditional Naturopath (CTN)

In memory of Steve Fjerstad, CTN

B. 10/22/1946 – D. 04/08/2020
Founder of Back To Nature Wellness Center.
He will always be remembered as a great, loving healer.

Steven Fjerstad, Certified Traditional NaturopathThe center was founded by Steven Fjerstad, a trained and Certified Naturopath, who has worked and lived in the Litchfield area for almost his entire life. Steven’s journey from local school teacher to Board Certified Traditional Naturopath is an amazing story.

In 1980, Steven and his wife adopted an infant daughter from Mexico. She was a beautiful and wonderful addition to their family! But shortly after becoming a part of their family she began struggling with digestive problems that eventually became severe. The conventional medical community tried its best to diagnose and treat her. Steven and his wife took her to every doctor who they believed might help and they submitted to every test and treatment that was suggested. Through 2 years of frustration and heartache the digestive problems only became worse, and she ended up having to be fed by machine. Eventually they began to lose hope, as the situation became critical with no solution in sight.

The Fjerstad’s were at their wit’s end, and their resources almost exhausted, when some friends suggested taking their daughter to a Homeopathic Doctor they knew of in Reno, Nevada. At first Steven and his wife were skeptical, but they did not know what else to do, they were at the end of their rope. So they took their beloved daughter to the Homeopathic Doctor in Reno.

The doctor determined that their daughter suffered from DDT poisoning (DDT is a powerful pesticide used in farming). It is believed that her biological mother worked as a farm hand in Mexico, where she was exposed to large amounts of DDT in the fields. So, the Homeopathic Doctor began treating her for DDT poisoning, and it was not long before she started to show signs of significant improvement. For the next 3 years the family shuttled back and forth to Reno, 3 to 4 times per year, to continue the treatments. And today their daughter is a beautiful, active and healthy 30 year old woman.

Watching their daughter be restored to health and wellness seemed almost miraculous to the Fjerstads, but even more miraculous was the restoration to health and wellness they witnessed among the other patients being cared for by the Homeopathic Doctor.

It was then that Steve Fjerstad began studying Naturopathic Medicine so that he might give to other families the gift that had been given him and his family. Since he already had been a high school teacher, he met the requirements to enter Clayton University of Natural Health, Birmingham, Alabama. He graduated from there as a Naturopath, and founded the Back To Nature Wellness Center, in Litchfield.

Today Steven offers Naturopathic Medical Care to Litchfield and the surrounding west central Minnesota communities.

Dr Fjerstad is a former high school auto shop teacher who got into this profession because of his youngest daughter. She is one of his adopted children who was diagnosed as “failure to thrive” by the medical profession about 25 years ago. She had severe digestive problems and was basically unable to eat anything at all and was put on I.V. feedings for about two years. The solution she was being fed was basically a chemical concoction that although it kept her alive, was at the same time increasingly detrimental to her health. When it reached a point of her being close to death the hospital was instructed by the family to remove the feeding tubes so she could go home a die in peace at home. After being home for a couple of days they were told by the family chiropractor about a medical doctor in Reno, Nevada. Dr. Ewing Tang MD, using technologies now used at the Back to Nature Wellness Center, was able to diagnose, treat, and help her regain her health. This and also seeing other chronic and terminally ill people get well at the Century clinic is what prompted Dr Fjerstad to go back to school and become a Naturopath.

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