Non Toxic/Non Stick Cookware

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Sugar Scam

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Hi Everyone, I just got a phone call from someone this morning that really disturbed me. This individual called me a few months ago right after he had been diagnosed with cancer. I recommended that he allow the medical doctors to remove he tumor which at that time was definetly contained to a certain area […]

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My dog’s joint pain from lyme disease

My rotweiller will be 4 years old this spring. He tested positive for lyme disease last year during his annual physical with our vet. In the winter especially he is stiff and walks with a limp occassionally. This year we started to treat him with Lymestat, a homeopathic remedy from Back to Nature. I’m amazed […]

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Travel anxiety and flower essence treatment

I just returned from a trip to southern California. I struggle with travel anxiety and never sleep well the night before I leave. This trip I used a flower essence called Emotional Emergency and slept peacefully. What a perfect solution. I love to travel but almost always start the trip with a poor night’s sleep. […]

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