It’s a New Year!

It’s a brand new year and I bet that like so many people you’re bound and determined that you’re gonna get healthy, lose weight, blah blah blah!  Right?  The unfortunate reality is that most of us if we don’t get a program put together and stick to it, we’ll fall on our butts and fail even though we want so much to succeed.  There are a lot of things that we at Back to Nature can do to help you with that success, and all you have to do is give us a call or email us and we’ll be very happy to help. You do need to know though that most successful programs involve at least “some”  lifestyle changes and if you’re not willing to make them you may as well resign yourself to being “fat and happy”.   That being said though you will continue to barely be able to drag your butt out of bed in the morning, you’ll continue to ache all over and you’ll likely continue to just plain feel crappy every day. You’re call, so what’s it gonna be?     Board Certified Traditional Naturopath Steven Fjerstad

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