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I just got a phone call from someone this morning that really disturbed me. This individual called me a few months ago right after he had been diagnosed with cancer. I recommended that he allow the medical doctors to remove he tumor which at that time was definetly contained to a certain area and then come and see me so we could make a decision as to what he would do next. He unfortunetly fell into the hands of a “so called” naturopathic doctor who convinced him to stay away from the MD’s and do a colon cleanse to get rid of the tumor. Guess what? It didn’t work and now he’s faced with the fact that his cancer has gone outside the colon and probably metastized to some other areas of his body. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times “USE THE BEST OF BOTH  WORLDS!”. This person may very well end up being healthy again, but it would have been a whole lot easier for him and everyone trying to get him healthy again if he had not fallen into the hands of some quack. Alternative medicine has some very powerfull nutraceuticals that can indeed help to get rid of cancer, we see it all the time but when you think about it does it not make sense to get rid of the majority of the cancerif possible and fight the microscopic cells that may be left over? You bet it does.     Stay healthy.    Board Certified Traditional Naturopath Steven Fjerstad

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